Useful Links

Tanzania National Nurses Association (TANNA) 
TANNA — Founded 29 November 1979, TANNA is the national professional organization of Enrolled and Registered nurses in Tanzania.

Tanzanian Nursing and Midwifery Council (TNMC)
The Tanzania Nursing and Midwifery Council (TNMC) is the regulator for registered and enrolled nurses and midwives.

Non Research Colaborations

Links at National level

At the national level, the school of nursing collaborates with the following:

  • The Muhimbili National Hospital, including all Municipals Hospitals and Health centres in Dar es Salaam for students’ clinical practices
  • The Mirembe Mental Health Institution in Dododma for students’ clinical practice in psychiatric nursing.
  • The School of Nursing has recently formed partnerships with other Schools of Nursing in the eight Universities in health sciences (public and private) in the country through the formation of the Dean’s forum. The forum intends to collaborate in the various functions to promote Nursing education and professionalism through this body.
  • KCMC and IMTU: external examiners from the School of Nursing.
  • The Ministry of health and Social Welfare: Tanzania Nurses and Midwives Council on nurses’ issues. 

International links

  • Universities in Sweden: Uppsala, Umea, Red Cross and Karolinska – students and teachers exchange.
  • Universities in US: Wright State University, University of Illinois and University of Pennislivania and Dartmouth University - elective students to MUHAS.
  • Universities in Norway: the Bergen University College, and the University of Bergen’s Centre for International Health – elective students to MUHAS
  • University in Holland: University of Utrecht – elective students to MUHAS
  • Universities in the UK:  student clinical placements in Tanzania
  • University College of Odense Denmark and the University of Southern Denmark for external lectures to MUHAS and students exchange in future
  • South Africa: University of Cape Town,  – students exchange in near future
  • US: The project known as ‘Teaching and Learning About Hiv/Aids in Tanzanian Schools of Nursing Project”

Contact US

P.O. Box 65004, Dar es Salaam,
Direct Line: +255 22 2152467, Tel: +255 22 2150302-6 (Ext. 1213 Dean, Ext. 1214 OMS)