Our Philosophy

Nursing is an art and science of caring and therefore we believe that:

  1. The enjoyment of the highest standards of health and nursing care is the fundamental right of the human being irrespective of gender, age, race, religion, social cultural differences, political affiliation, economic or social background.
  2. The practice of nursing is humanitarian in nature and requires knowledge, skills and attitudes, in terms of compassion, respect and empathy, ethical and legal consideration in provision of care.
  3. Environment influences individuals, families and community at large, and therefore, nurses acknowledge the different interaction patterns in the environment and the impact in relation to health and illness.
  4. Education is a continuous process that embraces new technology and community demands, and therefore the nurse shall keep abreast with current health and professional development to render quality cost-effective services.
  5. The learner is a unique individual with past experiences and needs, which should be respected.  She/he has the responsibility for her/his own learning and self-development through active participation.
  6. Collaboration is necessary for effective actions to occur, and therefore the School of Nursing maintains teamwork spirit at all levels

Contact US

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