Vision & Mission


The vision of the School of Nursing is to become a center of excellence in nursing education, research, consultancy and public services that respond to national, regional and global challenges.              

Mission statement:

The major function of the School is the provision of high quality nursing and midwifery related education, research and public services.

To achieve this, School of Nursing endeavors to do the following:

  1. To excel in knowledge and human resource capacity building in the nursing and midwifery professions without sacrificing the quality of care.
  2. To build distinctive characteristics and trademark of nursing and midwifery under the label of “Scientific professionalism” to be acquired through the prime principle of integration of research, teaching, services and consultancy at the immediate subject area.
  3. Further the image of nursing and midwifery professions by striving to make the School a centre of excellence for the creation of nursing and midwifery knowledge, skill development, effective entrepreneurship and formation of responsible attitude to the graduate nurses and midwives for the betterment of the society.

Contact US

P.O. Box 65004, Dar es Salaam,
Direct Line: +255 22 2152467, Tel: +255 22 2150302-6 (Ext. 1213 Dean, Ext. 1214 OMS)